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Winning Sports Programs grew out of a need to give a simple plan of attack to struggling programs. As with anything in life there are secrets to being successful. Administrators, coaches, parents and even athletes, look at dynamic programs with winning seasons and wish they could have a program like that.

Winning Sports Programs can observe your program and give you an evaluation of what your situation needs to be a thriving, flourishing program that seems to be a magical experience for students, parents, coaches and administrators. It is not magic, but a proven plan with the right approach that stresses the sports fundamentals of being successful.

Winning Sports Programs will evaluate your program, coaching staff, department operations, fundraising efforts and all internal documentation. As stated earlier, there are consistent issues in poor programs and most can be fixed, but the real effort involves identification of the problem. Let us recommend what adjustments fit your situation. Also, there is the continued growth of programs for women and girls that all administrators have to address. The Department of Education (OCR) looks kindly on institutions and districts that are pro-active in facing the gender equity compliance issues and we can help you get there.

Call or e-mail Dr. Jim Krause today for a free consultation. Dr. Krause will gladly discuss your sports program and its specific challenges including both strengths and weaknesses. So far, we haven’t found a program we can’t fix.

If you are a typical administrator, part of your fear is picking up the phone and calling for help in funding. Winning Sports Programs cannot only give you a plan to turn around the program, but can assist you with frustrating fundraising issues. We have fundraising formulas that work. Many of the programs we work with have gone from broke to profitable, (and believe me, we don’t do car washes or bake sales!)

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